Compendium of Bogidiellid Amphipoda Species

Identification, distribution and ecology of Bogidiellids of World

Phylogenetic analysis of the amphipod family Bogidiellidae s. lat., and revision of taxa above the species level

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1999
Authors:S. Koenemann, Holsinger J. R.
Issue:8, Jan H. Stock Memorial Issue
Date Published:Nov. 1999
Keywords:phylogeny, revision

The increasing number of world-wide discoveries of subterranean amphipods, especially during the last two decades, has led to additions of numerous new taxa in the stygobiont family Bogidiellidae s. lat. To date, the family is composed of 23 genera and 11 subgenera, and approximately 110 described species. However, given the uneven quality of generic and subgeneric diagnoses in the literature, there is considerable confusion regarding the status of some of the taxa at these levels. Even the family itself lacks a clear definition. In order to gain a better knowledge of the phylogeny of this group, a cladistic analysis, employing both PAUP 3.0s and MacClade, was performed on the genera and subgenera currently assigned to the Bogidiellidae s. lat. Supported by the results of this analysis, the taxonomic structure of this group is completely revised above the species level. The revision excludes 5 genera from the family, all remaining subgenera are elevated to generic level. Four taxa are split, resulting in 5 new genera. The family Bogidiellidae now consists of 33 genera.

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