Compendium of Bogidiellid Amphipoda Species

Identification, distribution and ecology of Bogidiellids of World

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Welcome to the resource devoted to taxonomy and systematics of the Bogidiellid Amphipoda Species

The Bogidiellid ScratchPad is devoted to the small and usually eyeless, subterranean invertebrates of the Artesiidae, Kergueleniolidae and Bogidiellidae amphipod families. The first two families has a rather limited geographic distribution while Bogidiellidae is cosmopolite, but in many ways settled in the southern realm. To the date a little is known about their origin and evolution. The fossils are not discovered until now and taxonomic descriptions are often incomplete, molecular genetic studies are scanty.

This site is still under development and data filling, from time to time taxa will be rotate when a new taxonomic information become available.

The conception of this site to some extent is based on a conflux of the backbone study ‘Phylogenetic analysis of the amphipod family Bogidiellidae s. lat., and revision of taxa above the species level’ with the WORMS database.

If you have any additions, corrections, questions, etc., please comment on the site or send a message.

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